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Flooded Residence

The NSW SES is the lead response agency for floods in NSW with the responsibility to ensure that communities across NSW are aware of, informed about and prepared for flood events to help reduce the impacts on their homes and families.

Assisting families and households to be prepared for floods can reduce the loss, damages and costs associated with floods. When families and households respond better to flood events through being prepared, recovery can be quicker and resilience to future floods will be greater.

Many residential properties across NSW are affected by dangerous floods and there have been avoidable deaths because of flooding. The protection of life is the highest priority for the NSW SES.

It is important to know what your local floods risks are and the flood risks of where you work, where you travel to and where your children go to school. Find out about local flood risks by visiting the local flood information and events page

It is also important to be prepared now so that you will know what to do when it does flood. Visit the following pages for tips and advice on what to do:


The NSW SES FloodSafe program has resources specific for homes and families to help them prepare for, respond to and recover better from floods.

To help you and your family plan for floods, the NSW SES has developed a Home FloodSafe Toolkit and a Home Emergency Plan. The toolkit helps you plan for floods by stepping through actions you need to do to prepare for, respond to and recover from flood events. The Home Emergency Plan is an online planner which can help you plan for floods.

Preparing a Home Emergency Kit


Looking after your family and home is the most important thing you can do before, during and after a flood.


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For information on storm safety for Home & Families, visit the Home & Families page on the NSW SES StormSafe website page.