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Welcome to the NSW SES and councils online brochure order form.

This form will assist your local council in developing locally branded SES generic FloodSafe guides.

To see if your council may be able to produce local FloodSafe guides for your areas, please visit the Local FloodSafe Guide Decision Flow Chart

How it works

The brochure order form allows councils to determine local areas which would benefit from having a locally branded generic NSW SES FloodSafe guide.

This local branding includes the local council logo, local radio stations and frequencies, local imagery and sometimes local flood information and maps.

This information and imagery is placed into a template of a generic NSW SES FloodSafe guide (Community FloodSafe guide, Flash Flooding FloodSafe guide or the Rural Properties FloodSafe guide) which includes messages for community members on what to do before, during and after a flood.

Council has the opportunity to include specific local information in consultation with the NSW SES.
Within the form are information icons next to many of the steps. Click on these icons to find out more information about that step.

Printing and delivery

The NSW SES can:

  • provide a print-ready PDF of your localised FloodSafe guide
  • organise the printing and delivery of the localised FloodSafe guide

If a PDF is requested, the NSW SES would like to know print numbers and distribution numbers for their records.

If printing and delivery is requested, the NSW SES can negotiate costs with councils on the understanding that council will cover some of these costs. Payment processes will be forwarded to councils on the submission of an order.

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