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About Floods

If you live close to a creek, river, major storm water drain or in a low‐lying area, you may be at risk from floods.

Even if your property is not inundated by floodwater you could become isolated, access to other areas might be cut and you could lose access to power and/or water.

Floods can pose a risk to your life. The major cause of death during floods is by people entering floodwater, that is driving, riding or walking through floodwater and also children playing in floodwater.

Every year in NSW, floods cause millions of dollars damage to property and critical infrastructure, such as roads and railways as well as to agricultural land and crops.

Floods also disrupt business and can affect communities.

If you live in an area prone to flooding it is important to prepare your family and property now before floods arrive.

The Flood Threat in NSW

Video showing typical flood scenario

This useful video outlines a typical Flood Scenario on the fictitious "Cicada Creek" and the interactions between NSW SES, the local community and the Bureau of Meteorology to manage the situation.
(Video courtesy: Gosford City Council and NSW Government)

Know Your Risk

It is important to know what your risks are from floods. Information specific to your property and potential flood risk may be available from your local Council. You can find your local council contact details at the:

Local flood information and events page of this site

or the:

Division of Local Government

Department of Premier and Cabinet - Local Government Directory


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