Paddy Platypus' Corner

Paddy Platypus' Corner is where you can find out everything you need to know about Paddy Platypus. It is also the place to come to play games and do activities. Learn all about Paddy Platypus and how Paddy became an SES volunteer by reading Paddy's Biography and what events took place that made Paddy decide to volunteer.

Find out how you and your family can be safer in a flood or a storm.

Find out what Paddy Platypus gets up to while volunteering for the SES. Hear about Paddy visiting towns, cities and country areas across NSW. Paddy gets up to many great adventures as he helps the SES let people know about how to be prepared for floods and storms.

The Life and Times of Paddy Platypus
Paddy was hatched a few years ago (he doesn't know exactly when, as his family did not have access to a calendar at the time) and spent his first months of life curled up near his mother in a nest along one of the coastal rivers in New South Wales. Before he was a year old, he was on his own and doing what platypuses do: foraging for food and digging tunnels and burrows.

Not too long after his first birthday, Paddy was caught up in one of the floods that often affect rivers in New South Wales. As his home river continued to rise, and the water ran more swiftly, he managed to fight his way into a billabong. Hungry and exhausted, he sheltered there and waited for the flood to subside.

During the day and a half he spent in the billabong, Paddy heard the motors of boats going by. This didn't strike him as unusual, as his river was popular with boaters. These boats were driven by people wearing orange overalls and serious expressions -- hardly the normal holiday appearance. He watched the people in orange overalls rescue those who, like him, were stranded by the flood. He saw them delivering medicine and other essentials to families isolated by flood water. He even watched them save someone who had tried to cross a nearby creek in a four-wheel-drive.

It was then that Paddy decided he wanted to help. He saw that the boats had "State Emergency Service" painted on them, so once the flood had well and truly receded, he showed up at his local SES Unit and asked if he could volunteer, too. The Local Controller told him that he'd be able to join as a probationary volunteer while he learned about the SES and started to practice the skills he'd need.

Paddy found he was a natural as an SES volunteer. He was keen and reliable. He knew lots about his own river, and about how floods can behave. Soon, he found he had another talent: he was great at helping people to learn and remember the things they could do to stay safer in floods and storms. Kids loved him, and so did their parents. He began to visit schools, shopping centres and shows. Paddy's career as the SES mascot had begun.

Today Paddy travels around New South Wales, helping SES volunteers across the state spread the message that there are simple things everyone can do to stay safer in severe weather.

Paddy's best mate, PRIME Possum, loves working with Paddy. "He's not just a good friend, he's also a good volunteer," she says. "Everyone relies on him, and he never lets us down."

For more information on storm and flood safety, Paddy says, "Call the SES Info Line on 1 800 201 000. We'll send you the information you need".

Paddy gets a hug at Henty Field Days

What does Paddy get up to...?

Paddy has many adventures while volunteering for the SES across NSW. From visiting schools to marching in parades and meeting new people such as the Premier or Prime Minister.

Paddy Platypus has an important role as a volunteer with the SES. He visits many areas throughout NSW to help other SES volunteers talk to people about being prepared for floods and storms and to hand out SES resources to people.

Paddy can be seen at many SES events including shows and displays and has even appeared on television. You may have met him already in your area.
Paddy has been to almost all of the state so far and has met many local people and even some very famous people. Paddy loves to meet all kinds of people and has many gifts to give out. Things like bookmarks and stickers are a favourite as well as information on floods and storms that help you get prepared for these events.

Paddy gets up to all kinds of mischief which, if you have met him already, you would certainly know about. Things like running off with children's hats is a favourite. Paddy only does this kind of thing to get hugs. Paddy Platypus loves hugs and is a great hugger. If you see the SES in your local area, look out for Paddy Platypus. He will be more than happy to give you a hug (watch he doesn't take your hat) and give you some information on how to stay safe in floods and storms.

Paddy Platypus and Prime Possum

Paddy's best friend is Prime Possum - together they have all sorts of adventures!
On a trip to the snow a few years ago Paddy met PRIME Possum. Like Paddy, PRIME Possum wants kids to be safe and he and Paddy immediately became good friends.

PRIME Possum invited Paddy to appear on his TV Show - The Saturday Club, that airs on Saturday mornings on the PRIME TV network. Paddy of course accepted, and has now appeared many times on the show with an SES volunteer or staff member to help him with stories on what the SES does and what kids can do to stay safe in dangerous situations.

During these shows Paddy and PRiME Possum have looked at safety in the snow, with Paddy taking PRiME Possum on an SES skidoo. The SES uses these to help rescue people who are lost or injured in the snow. Paddy was helped by volunteers from the Tumut and Snowy River SES units.

Other shows have looked at some of the equipment the SES use when they help people who have experienced damage to their house, need help in a flood, or are trapped in their car after an accident. The highlight was having Possum's friend Mel use a flying fox to whizz down from the roof of the PRIME TV studio in Canberra. The SES use flying foxes to transport people across flooded streams or gorges. Paddy was helped out by his good SES volunteer friends from the Queanbeyan SES unit.

Paddy has also taken Possum to see the SES do vertical rescue, attend to roof damage caused by a storm and out for a drive in a four wheel drive. Paddy and Possum sure do have fun helping kids to stay safe!