How you might be warned about flooding

Water is released from Pindari Dam in NW NSW due to an upstream flood Dam failure alerts

In New South Wales dam safety is monitored in most circumstances by the owner of the dam. During heavy rainfall or a flooding upstream, high volumes of water can create additional pressure on the dam wall and may affect its structural integrity.

In some instances water can be released to relieve this pressure. Prescribed dams often have early warning systems for communities that lie downstream of the dam and close to the dam.

Some of these alert systems are below:

White Alert

A White Alert can be advise if a structural defect has been detected (e.g. crack, piping) or heavy rainfall event.

Amber Alert

An Amber Alert often accompanies an Evacuation Warning and advises that dam failure could be possible if storage continues rising or structural defect not fixed.

Red Alert

A Red Alert often accompanies an Evacuation Order and advises that dam failure is imminent or has occurred.

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